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Mad Mitch is currently working on four skirmish wargames, one air combat game and one strategic level board game.

WWII Assault is a miniatures based war game for two or more players that recreates the gritty man-to-man combat of WWII. This game focuses on the small unit tactics used by fire teams and infantry squads emphasizing their differing weapons, training and determination. The unique mechanics in WWII Assault make it an intense action oriented game in which the battle can change in an instant.

Each player typically controls a squad or several squads of infantry. Each figure in WWII Assault is individually based and represents a single soldier that can perform independent actions from the rest of the squad.

WWII Assault is designed to allow players to recreate any small scale engagements from the first battles in Poland, throughout the European Theatre and into the last days of Berlin.

The WWII Assault Field Kit is a digest sized tri-fold rules booklet with an interior pocket that is packed with all the rules, weapon sheets, squad cards and more that you need to get started playing the game. There are three scenarios included in the Field Kit and more will be added to our website along with squad creation rules.

Players may use any scale of figures (suggested figure sizes range from: 15mm to 54mm) in their collection.

With the basic rules kept to under 5 pages, WWII Assault is quick and easy to learn and yet it offers:

  1. A unique card-based initiative system that changes each turn.
  2. A game system where higher skilled soldiers fire better than lesser skilled soldiers.
  3. A game system where the differences between weapons not only exist but they are integral to the game.
  4. A game system that can be realistically and enjoyably used in any squad level scenario from WWII.
  5. A game system that tracks multiple levels of wounds, morale, suppression and other unit impairing conditions on the battlefield.

All this and more in an intense action oriented game where a single soldier can bring you total victory or drive you towards defeat.